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Blackmailed my younger sister

Hi  I’m Arnav a typical bombay lad recently finished my 12th grade. We are a family of four and my parents are usually out of the house so it’s mostly me and my sister all the time. My sister Komal is only a year younger. She is a super hot bombshell. She is around 5’8, really skinny but packs a very firm pair of tits. Her ass is really wide and certainly the highlight of her body. She has a thing for mini shorts that are just big enough to cover her ass cheeks, ending just beneath them. She is very fair and has a slight tan. Now she is not exactly what you would call a bright child, very bad in studies.

Although we tried to convince her to take commerce, she took science. We are very close and open to each other. This story is about how I ended up fucking my sister while trying to teach her physics for her examinations.

It was around 8:00pm and my parents were out of the house as usual. I had received clear instructions from my mother to not let Komal go out of the house to meet any of her friends and that I test her after her revision was done. It was her physics paper tomorrow and the only objective of my family was to make sure that she passes.

I was looking at Komal, her boobs struggling in the tight t-shirt which she was wearing, her nipples wear clearly visible through the t-shirt. She was not wearing her bra which made me wonder if her panties were off too. I could make out she was really hot. She was busy looking at the textbook trying to mug up her chapter. This girl was driving me crazy. My dick slowly began to rise up when suddenly she broke the silence, “I can’t concentrate only” smiling innocently while she spoke. I was lucky that my boner was not visible.

I asked her what does she want to do and she said something very unexpected, “Let’s watch Porn”. I laughed it off but the look on her face was serious. I knew that she watched porn but I never thought she would want to watch it with her own brother. The possibilities where this could lead were endless. Not wanting to let this chance slip through my hands I nodded approvingly. This got her really she excited, she quickly turned on the comp. She opened the browser and looked at me. “What kind of porn do you want to watch” she said, smiling sheepishly. I told her that it was her idea so she should decide. She opened Redtube and went to the teen category.

She played the most viewed video of the month. The video started off by this dude taking off the clothes of a very sexy blonde. My sister was fully absorbed in the screen and didn’t seem to realize that she was breathing very heavily. Half way through the video she started moaning heavily. My sister was turning me on more than the video itself. The guy in the video took out his cock so that the blonde could blow him. My sister looked at me and told me that his dick was so massive.

I winked and told her that mine was bigger, her expressions revealed that she didn’t believe me. As the video got over, my sister hugged me. Her tits pressing hard on my chest, it felt like heaven. I asked her what was that for, she said just for kicks. I realized that she was teasing me. I asked her to get back to her book. She looked at me with a very disappointed face. She requested me that I let her go out. I quickly refused. She said that I knew mom and dad were not going to show up before 11:00 and it was only 8:30 right now. I still told her no. She then asked me if I could let her go for a walk, she promised me that she would be back in 15 mins. I could simply not refuse this time.

She left the house and began to climb down the stairs. I decided to follow her. She walked down to the nearest paan shop and asked for a benson light and started smoking. Now this was a shocker. I walked to her and saw the color disappear from her face. She through her cigarette and before she could try justify herself I told her to come home. We started walking back. I was lost deep in thought. I knew that I could blackmail her to and make her do whatever I want but the plan could backfire what if she decide to tell our mom that I tried to blackmail her to have sex with me. I weighed the pros and cons of this scheme and decided that I would blackmail her once we reach home. It was a very silent walk back home.

We both were sweating a lot and her t-shirt was almost translucent now. I kept staring at her boobs, I think she might have realized what to expect. I told her that I was going to tell mom about her smoking habits, these words had more effect than I had anticipated, she started pleading me and was on the verge of crying, she said she would do anything I want her to do. She started crying, I approached her from behind and held her tightly. She furiously asked me what i was doing.

I told her she should choose her words carefully. She said she would tell mom about this. I knew that this was not the time to fall soft so I replied very harshly that if I tell mom about your smoking habits you will be grounded for life. She knew their was no way out but she didn’t stop resisting. I turned her towards me and groped her ass, massaging them with my hands. I took my face to hers and gently kissed her lips, she was not kissing me back. I turned her back and pushed her on the table.

She looked back at me and saw my hand go up. I spanked her with all my might. She shouted out in pain and begged me to stop. I pulled her shorts down. She was wearing a black thong. I slapped her bare ass five or six times. She was crying and was getting wet at the same time. Her ass cheeks had turned pink and were looking really sexy. I controlled the urge to pop my dick in her ass. I looked her in the eyes, lust hidden those tears, I started making out with her exploring her ass while I did. I was literally eating her lips.

We finally let go of each other catching our breath. She was cooperating now but was still hesitant. I lifted her and took her to the bedroom. I tossed her on the bed and took off my t-shirt. I crawled toward her and took off her t-shirt too. Her boobs juggled out. I didn’t loose a second and pounced on her her left titty while caressing the other one with my hands. I sucked them nicely and even bit them twice or thrice. She was moaning and was very horny now. She wanted me very badly but it was my turn to tease her now. I made her lie down on the bed. She looked gorgeous in her panties. I was licking her thighs working my way up.

I started rubbing her clit now and was slowly inserted my tongue in her cunt. She screeched with pleasure. I licked my fingers and inserted two of them in her pussy. She was in the seventh heaven. I started to move my fingers in and out. When she thought it couldn’t better I jerked my thumb into her asshole. She jumped in pleasure. She exclaimed it was like simple harmonic motion.

My thumb would go in and fingers would come out
and when my thumb would come out my fingers would go in. She couldn’t take it anymore, she got hold of my pants and started unbuttoning them and then she got rid of my boxers. My rock hard pole wacked her on the face. She was awe-struck once she saw my penis. It was after all bigger than the pornstar’s junk. She stroked it twice and took it in her mouth.

She knew the trick of the trade, she blew me like a pro. I held her hair and was thramming it on my dick. She giggled when she would gag. I knew I was going to blow my load anytime now. She tasted my precum in her mouth and was about to take my cock out but my hold was tight. She rolled her eyes up in protest but at that exact moment I cummed in her mouth.

She couldn’t swallow everything so I took my dick out. I was still ejaculating so I wanked it all over her face. She requested me to fuck her now. I took both her legs up and rammed my cock into her pussy. She shouted very loudly and was bleeding. It was good to know that she was a virgin and I was the first one to pop her cherry. I fucked her like a mad dog.

I fucked her for half a hour and cummed inside her. After this she thought I was done and began to get up but I pushed her back and flipped her around. I told her that I was saving the best for the last. I separated her ass cheeks and placed my dick on the hole. I gently started pushing it inside, she was jerking with excitement but the pain was killing her.

When my dick was about half way in I pushed it inside very hard. I slowly started her humping her. I always wanted to try doggy style but my girlfriend didn’t really like anal sex. I kept fucking her untill both of us collapsed. She complained that her anus and vagina both were paining and had become sore. She couldn’t walk properly. She cleaned the room and joined me in the balcony. I took out my packet and started smoking. Their was a hint of anger on a face but we both started laughing. She failed her physics paper but we have sex often now.