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Desperate Housewife

I am Arosha and I am going to narrate my Life story here. It is a true sex story of a housewife without any fiction. We are a newly married couple from an upper middle class family. We often go for sex once a day.I am habitual of wearing Saree. My office workers stare at me while I am walking in a saree as my whole body shakes during that walk. I am very active at sex but my husband is a a bit cold and don’t understand my feelings.He is a very work oriented person and I am a also doing job as clerk in an office.I am working because to say that for better earning so I am very active in my day to day life.

The beginning of this sex story is related to an incident when we both went to watch a movie. We were retuning in the local bus. I was wearing a very costly saree with black and red color combination. We were separated from each other when my husband went out to bring some snacks.They were all men around me and my husband was far away.There was a man sitting on the the nearby seat and he was trying to stare at me. I look at him with anger and he withdrawn his eyesfor once.Later he again started the same vulgar movements. I was a bit un-easy due to him. He seemed to be decent, educated and good looking. All the men passing nearby were staring at me and I was proud with that feeling. Finally my husband reached but that man got a slight place in my mind.

My husband went to sleep after taking his snacks.I was looking at that man with confused mind and he was still staring at me with lusty eyes. I was very scared and was looking for help. Soon he has to leave the bus as he stop has arrived. While passing nearby me, he thrown a small chit of paper in my lap. I looked up and then looked at my husband. He was still closing his eyes. I picked that chit without showing him. There was a mobile number written on it. I kept it in my Bra and started waiting my stop. Soon ,me and my husband reached home. It was a great romantic movie and I was fully convinced to receive a fuck but my husband slept quickly, leaving me in all sorts of desperation.

One day my husband was busy with his friends and I was alone at home. I called on that number which that man has given me in bus. It was just a formal talk which I should not mention. Soon, our phone friendship was running deeper. We always discussed everything. Even a few times he asked me about my time with husband and my sex nights which I told him frankly. By chance, my  husband has some delegation at office and he was supposed to miss one night at home. I was too desperate for sex that day but I have to remain quite. After thinking a lot I called him. while talking I just told him that I got headache and having tea but there is no one available to bring some medicine from the shop so that I can get off headache. He told me not to worry as He will bring medicine.I denied in formal style but then agreed and given him my address.soon,within 10 min he came to my flat with medicine.

I had done some make up and was wearing a red salwar kameez. Well I forgot to mention his name, Was Imran name changed. He told me to sit and went inside the kitchen to make some tea for me. It was a surprise for me as my husband has never done that.When he came back we started to talk. It was 11.00pm. We were unaware of the outer world and my husband. I was going to cheat my husband. Why should I not?he made me desperate to do that. I asked Imran about the meal but he forced me to sit as he was enjoying all my jokes and talks.All the time we were sitting on a single sofa.

He told me that he wish he was my husband and he would have never left me in desperation.I asked him; Why?he told me because you are the sexiest woman he had seen ever.He just pressed my left hand and said stop talking, just let me see your entire beauty.I was in all sorts of happiness.My husband has never done like that.Now I was very close to him and he kept his left hand around my shoulder and smelled me around my neck, I tried to move away but there was no space on the other side. Then he kissed me on my neck and believe me I couldn’t even speak a word of denial. I was totally captured in his thoughts and words.

I was shivering and breathing had gone heavy, He kissed my lips on which I responded and we were kissing for next 20 mins. while kissing he kept his left hand on my right boob and was pressing and fondling that continuously.Then he went on my neck and kissed her there, I was moaning like ahhhhhh and hmmmm than he pulled me down on the floor and started kissing me and slowly tried to pick my kameez, I told him to stop and then pulled his shirt off. His smooth and muscular body and chest was now visible for me. He was far off handsome than my husband. I loved that chest.

He took off my Qameez and then unhooked my black bra.He pinched my hard nipples and then sucked them like a baby. He was pleasing me like an expert. He fondled and sucked my boobs for 5-10 minutes.Then he put his hand in side my salwar and touched my pussy lips they were very wet and he started to put a finger inside my vagina. There he speeded up his finger movement in and out like a piston. He inserted his two more fingers inside which took me into heaven. He just increased his speed while adopting a 69 position over my head.

I started licking his balls and then his fat shaft. He was far much better in size than my husband. If I had seen both before marriage, I surely had begged for marriage to Imran. I sucked his shaft and the tip in a fluent style. Then it was a peak time to make the final entery. He just pushed me in Doggy style and went behind my ass. He touched his tip and my whole body shivered. then he pushed it like a rod inside me. I screamed and he pushed it more. He quickly took it out and then done the same thing again. His wild enteries had made me almost mad. He banged me like a movie girl. We opted as many positions as we can. Even we used our computer table, Iron stand, kitchen cabinet and My husband’s fuck bed. I was just acting like a whore.

It was the final session of my Sex session. He increased his pace and asked me where he should release?I smiled and said;deposit it deep inside me,make me pregnant. He finally deposited all his hot load deep inside me. After getting his all drops I pulled it out and took it in my mouth and started sucking in desperate style. He was smiling on his success of Having sex with a desperate Wife. I sucked him till he came for the second time in my throat. It was the best night after marriage. Imran fulfilled all my desires. I was happy so was Imran. HE thanked me and I kissed him. I asked him to remain ready every weekend. He smiled and said;welcome honey.