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Our Wedding Day and Night–My Beautiful Virgin Wife

Our Wedding Day … and Night
By: Exit343
We married on a very cold, windy day. A snow storm had blown through the night before our big day and dumped about a foot of snow. The good news was the storm was long gone when we woke up. The sun was bright, the sky was blue, and the snow left a beautiful white blanket all across the valley and the surrounding mountains. It was a perfectly beautiful day to be married. The cold, windy conditions wreaked havoc on our attempts to get some good wedding pictures however.

We were married in the morning and our reception was several hours later that evening. Our first home would be about four hours from our wedding and reception hall, so after our ceremony we had no choice but to wait it out at Heather’s parent’s house.

Once at the house, we ate a light lunch and mingled with the friends and family who had decided to come by. We were exhausted and decided to go downstairs to my new wife’s old bedroom to get a little rest. I really didn’t want to get into bed with my new wife without giving her a test drive, but she made it clear that she wanted to wait to consummate our new bond in our honeymoon suite after the reception. As a compromise, she agreed to allow me to strip her down to her birthday suit and I did the same.

HEATHER: I didn’t go downstairs thinking we were going to do anything but sleep. After we got down there I realized that Nick had other ideas. I was scared. Other than one short instance of light petting touching my breasts during our dating, this would be my first sexual experience beyond kissing.

For the next few hours, we lay in her bed exploring each other’s bodies. I was the luckiest man on the planet. My new bride had several things to admire. First, she’s gorgeous. Second, she’s tall and slender with long legs and perfect for me smallish breasts. Third, she’s now married to me and I am the first person to see her naked aside from her parents and maybe a few girls in the locker room of her high school. My beautiful bride was a virgin. The greatest gift I have ever received. I wish I could say I gave her the same gift. I have very few regrets but this is my biggest to this day.

HEATHER: When we got into bed naked I was really freaked out. He started touching me. It felt wonderful to have his hands softly touching my shoulders, arms, and breasts. I lay there and moaned softly, getting used to the feeling of his hands on me. At first I didn’t dare touch him back, but after a while I started caressing his hairy chest and stomach.

Looking back, I realize that this is my favorite memory of the day. Because we agreed to wait until later that night to share our most sacred gifts with each other, we could just relax and explore. She was very naïve and was fascinated with my penis and balls. She fondled them softly and carefully so as not to hurt me. I was in love with her magical breasts and spent a lot of time playing with them. Although I wasn’t a virgin, my brief sexual experiences were stupid and clumsy. I knew nothing of the female form. I took my time and explored her vagina, opening the lips for a better view. We both had a lot of questions about each other’s bodies and spent a lot of time just talking about what we were learning. There was a lot of giggling and awkwardness but it was so much fun.

HEATHER: After a while, Nick’s hand inched lower. I stiffened a little and waited. Then he touched me in a place that I had never been touched before. I jumped as he touched me for the first time. He waited, then touched me again. His fingers were very gentle and soft, and soon I relaxed.

I timidly reached for his penis, which, I admit, I had touched only once before our marriage and that was outside through his clothing. It felt warm and stiff. Then I touched his balls. They were cooler and very squishy and hairy. Not what I had expected. My fingers explored while he continued to touch me.

I think I was too freaked out to really feel anything sexual yet. I know he was feeling it though, because he was rock hard. The whole time I was worried my parents or someone would come downstairs and catch us. I guess I didn’t feel married yet.

Taking the PlungeAs we lay there exploring each other and making out, we had no clue where we were going or how we were going to get there. All we knew was that we were in love and very excited about a new life and future together. We figured we’d hold on tight to each other and take the plunge. I don’t remember if we ever fell asleep or not and soon it was time to get some food and get ready to run to our reception.

For me, the reception was a nightmare. For such a small town where she grew up, there were hundreds of people coming through the line. We stood there for 3 hours just meeting people. If we thought we were exhausted before, now we were nearly dead. The reception couldn’t end soon enough but it finally did.

HEATHER: I loved the reception, because these were my friends and family. It was great to have everyone I loved there to celebrate the happiest day I’d ever had. We stood up most of the night, talking to everyone. My legs started to ache, and got worse and worse as the night wore on. I started thinking about the big bathtub at our hotel. I knew I’d want to get in it and soak in the hot water as soon as we got there. That’s what I was thinking about all night. I’m sure Nick had other thoughts on his mind.

Free at last, we sprinted back to her parent’s house and changed our clothes before driving the 30 minutes to our hotel. Remember that cold, windy day I mentioned? It turned into an even colder, windier night. One thing I’ve learned about my wife is she’s ALWAYS cold. ALWAYS! By the time we arrived at the hotel, she was chilled to the bone which led to …

I don’t know about other men but I have always had my dreams and/or fantasies about my wedding night. Aside from the obvious of sharing our sex with each other, my dreams included my beautiful new bride going into the bathroom, making me wait far too long as she primps and preens, dresses in a sexy nighty, applies the right amount of makeup and perfume before emerging and presenting herself to me so I can undo everything she just did. I anticipated for years “unwrapping” my new gift. Even though we had the afternoon “explore and grope fest”, I was still looking forward to seeing Heather in her sexy underthings and then playfully removing them.

As soon as we were in the room, Heather saw the big bathtub and announced how cold she was. She immediately went over and started the hot water flowing so, after I got my gift “unwrapped”, the tub would be ready for her. After she got the water running, she opened her suitcase and removed a frilly looking bag, looked at me, gave me a cute little “you’re gonna love this” look, and disappeared into the bathroom closing the door behind her.

“OH, BABY,” I was thinking. “This is going to be so great! She’s gonna come out of there looking all sexy and I will get to …”

Suddenly, the door opened and out like a flash came my butt naked, virgin bride making a dash for the bathtub. I didn’t even have time to untie a shoe and there she was naked, in the tub, naked … WITHOUT ME! NAKED! N.A.K.E.D!

What happened to that sexy “you’re gonna love this” look? Where was my gift to “unwrap”? All I could do was stand there with my jaw on the floor. She looked at me and laughed. I wish she would have had a camera to capture the moment. I’m sure I looked like the stupid idiot I usually am. I was speechless.

I couldn’t even ask the questions. I really was speechless. I stood there for a moment and then just put my hands up in an “ok, whatever” gesture. Again she laughed at me and said in a very pathetic, judgy voice, “WHAT? I’M FREEZING!”

HEATHER: Since I had been dreaming about that big tub of hot water all night, I wasted no time getting there. Right after we got into our big, beautiful room with our suitcases, I headed right over and started the water running in the tub. The tub was right across from our big bed. I grabbed something I’m not sure what from my suitcase, then made a bee-line for the bathroom next to the tub. I actually thought it would be fun and sexy to surprise Nick by coming out of the bathroom stark naked.

I’ll never forget the look on his face when I opened the door of the bathroom. Unfortunately, I didn’t stand there seductively for him to look at his naked bride, but ran, without hesitation, right to the tub and jumped in. He stood there still staring blankly. Finally he undressed that hot bod of his and got in with me.

I have to admit, it was pretty sexy watching her dash to the bathtub. And funny.

I very pathetically removed my clothes, took a quick detour to the bathroom and then joined her in the tub. We continued our explore/grope session from earlier in the day and relaxed letting the events of the week and day melt into the past. Finally, we could relax and fully enjoy each other.

After she warmed up, we were ready for the main event. We dried each other off and moved to the bed. She was nervous. She was told how painful it is for a penis to enter the vagina for the first time. As horny as I was, I knew I needed to go slow, take my time, and make sure she was comfortable with each step.

It was so nice to lay there beside her, kissing her, fondling her cute little breasts, sliding my hand between her legs to rub her sweet little bud and penetrate her a little with my fingers. As nervous as she was, she was very wet and excited. She passionately kissed me back while stroking my penis and enjoying the sensations. Having my penis in her hand was so exciting. I was leaking all over her hands. She was a little disturbed by that.

HEATHER: To say I was nervous about sex that night is a huge understatement. I was not only a virgin, I was a very sheltered, naïve virgin. I wasn’t completely sure what the whole process was to even have sex. I was scared to death.

Maybe the tub was my way of delaying a little, or maybe I needed to relax in the warm water beforehand. But, I love Nick. I trusted him. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. I had felt plenty of sexual desire for him because we had spent plenty of time making out and dry humping a few times I even had an orgasm. I wanted to have this experience with him. I wanted our bodies to meet. But, I was afraid of the unknown.

I already had a game plan to put her at ease and in the mood. I put my plan into action as I kissed and fondled her, I moved my kisses to her ears and neck. I had her quivering as I nibbled and sucked her earlobes, licked around the edges of her ears, and nibbled and kissed her neck.

I moved a bit further down and lavished her cute little breasts with kisses, nibbles, and licks. She was moaning softly and using her fingernails, on my back and butt.

HEATHER: He was so sweet and tender. He knew how I was feeling. He went so slowly, and did the things that would put me at ease. I started to feel my desire rise as he licked and nibbled my breasts, and kissed me all over the upper part of my body. I loved his warm lips on my naked body. I moaned and writhed under him.

After several minutes of attention to her breasts, I made my final push down her stomach, past her pubic mound, and was soon facing her heavenly womanhood. Heather had never heard of oral sex I told you she’s naïve and wondered what I was doing down there. She had a very puzzled look on her face.

Without any forewarning, I stuck out my tongue and glided it over her clit. She jumped and gasped. It scared me a little. I looked up at her wondering if she was upset. What I saw turned me on even more. She was simply looking down at me like a deer caught in the headlights but with a look of “WOW!”

HEATHER: His lips moved from my breasts down toward my vagina. I really knew nothing of oral sex, so I didn’t expect what came next. If I thought I’d jumped when he used his hands to touch me down there, I think I practically leaped when his tongue first connected with the warm flesh of my most private parts. I was so surprised that he had done that with his MOUTH!

I lapped at her clit again. Again she gasped and jumped but this time she followed with a quiet little moan.

“You like that?” I asked.

“I think so?” she replied wondering if she was supposed to.

“You want me to stop?” I asked.

“I don’t think so,” she replied with a sweet little smile forming on her lips.

“Does it feel good?” I asked.

“I think so,” she replied, “but we better make sure,” she purred.

HEATHER: I was a little shocked. I trusted him, so I reluctantly let him continue. He tenderly licked me again, and I started to feel something powerful that I’d never felt.

I slowly continued exploring her womanly folds with my tongue as she relaxed and enjoyed the sensations. She eventually showed her appreciation by reaching down with both hands and holding my head, pulling me in, pushing me away, and guiding me to the right spots. Her moans were heavenly music to my ears. Her taste was manna on my tongue. I licked. I lapped. I sucked. I nibbled. I kissed. Her sweet, wet vagina and clit were on fire and her juices were flowing. Her scent was intoxicating. I continued until she had an intense orgasm. I was lying on my stomach with my fully erect penis dry humping the bedding. I was close to orgasm myself.

HEATHER: As he continued the pleasure intensified. I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. I don’t think it took me very long to have a very big orgasm. I was even more shocked at myself. It was so beautiful and wonderful.

After her orgasm, I knew it was time for the big moment. I moved back up her body slowly, kissing and nibbling her body on my way, again spending a little extra time on her tasty, small breasts.

I moved up so we were face to face and kissed my beautiful wife. She had a look of complete satisfaction on her face. “Uh oh,” I thought, “she may be done.” My aching member was throbbing and ready. I silently hoped she would answer the next question correctly.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied. My heart sank a little.

“Well, let’s give this a shot,” I said. “I’ll move slowly. If it hurts, let me know and I’ll stop until you’re ok and then I’ll try a little more.”

“Ok,” she replied apprehensively.

“Whew!” I thought.

She took my face in her hands, pulled me close to her, looked me in the eyes, kissed me with passion beyond description, and, with tears in her eyes, softly said, “Nicky, sweetie, please, be gentle. I’m afraid.”

I could only look back into her moist eyes and smile. I kissed her back with the same passion and said, “I will baby. I will.”

I placed the head of my penis at her vaginal opening as she placed her hands on my hips. I pushed the tip in. She gasped, pushed back on my hips, and told me to stop. I did. She relaxed and I pushed a little more in. She again gasped in pain pushing back on my hips. I stopped and waited. When she relaxed again, I pushed a little more in. With each small push, she would gasp in pain, push my hips back, and I would stop for a few moments allowing her to relax so I could proceed. With each thrust and wave of pain, she would also tense her legs which was creating another barrier for me to push against.

Then something amazing happened. I pushed to a point that was very painful to her. She cried out in pain and asked me to stop. I held my position and waited. When the pain subsided, I tried to push again but I could not push any further. She again gasped in pain and asked me to stop. Again, I held my position and waited. Three times she cried out in pain and asked me to stop. Three times I waited for her pain to subside before trying again to push past this spot. Three times, her pain denied my penetration.

“I don’t know if I can do this honey,” she said painfully. “Please stop.”

She began to try pushing me out and off of her. Her tears were breaking my heart. I didn’t want to hurt her but knew this was part of our consummation and it would have to happen at some point.

“Heather, baby,” I said holding my position inside her, “you knew this would be painful. We’re almost there baby. Trust me. I’m being as gentle as I can. Can you trust me?”

“Ok sweetie. I trust you,” she replied.

On the fourth push, just as she was beginning to show the “pain face” and began pushing back on my hips, I felt a small “pop” which I recognized as her hymen breaking. When her “cherry popped”, her painful face melted away and she let out a huge sigh of relief and enjoyment. Her eyes closed and her head tilted back as a wave of pleasure flowed from her vagina, washing her entire body in cleansing ecstasy. Her hands went from pushing my hips around to to my butt and she started pulling me in.

I actually felt the blood of her broken hymen spread across my penis. It was an amazing sensation that I will never forget. My sweet, beautiful bride had just given me her most precious gift. I vowed to never break the trust she placed in me that night.

HEATHER: After we got past the painful part, I’ll never forget how it felt to feel him inside me. It was a connection I had never even dreamed of. I loved feeling him on top of me, breathing his warm breath on me as he touched me and slid in and out of me. Experiencing it for the first time with my husband was the most precious thing. I felt so grateful that I had waited for him.

With the pain in the past, and her pulling me closer, I was able to push my manhood all the way into her sweet, virgin wetness. She spread her legs wider and allowed me full access and penetration. She was so wonderfully tight it was wonderfully difficult to pull out and wonderfully difficult to slide back in. But I managed to back out slowly and then push myself back in to the deepest depths. With each stroke, I could feel the head of my penis touching her cervix. She was completely full as was I. We were becoming “one flesh”.

With each outward motion and thrust back in, I could see the joy and fulfillment she was experiencing. It was right then I realized that this would be my life mission; to see that face on my beautiful wife each time we made love for the rest of our lives. I am usually very cognizant of Heather’s enjoyment when we make love.

We started slow and steady. As we both began to relax and enjoy the sensations, we increased the pace and soon we were rocking the headboard against the wall. She had an orgasm which pushed me over the edge. I unloaded my seed into her soul and she accepted every drop.

We slowed the pace, kissed deeply and passionately, reveling in our new bond. We became “one flesh” and enjoyed the beautiful gift God had given us. The best part was that I was young and virile. Although I had just had an incredible orgasm, I remained hard and was able to continue. God certainly knew what he was doing when he created these amusement parks. We bought the tickets and could now enjoy all the rides.

Time slipped by with no meaning. All we had was love for each other. We had no worries, no cares, nothing but our naked bodies to worship and pleasure. We made love for a long while. Being on top, I could control the tempo while looking her in the eyes. She was the most beautiful bride a man could ask for.

She sucked my kisses, spread her legs as wide as possible and pulled at my butt trying to increase the depth of my thrusts. My pelvis slammed against her clit with each inward thrust. We were moaning in pure orgasmic ecstasy. She had several orgasms and I had three before my penis went flaccid. We kissed and cuddled until we both fell into a deep, blissful sleep as we spooned each other. We slept for maybe an hour.

HEATHER: I was lost in his manhood. He was so strong, so manly, and … so big inside me. I shuddered and gasped as he slid his manhood in and out of me in long, sensuous, loving strokes. I felt so full, so complete. Nick, the man of my dreams, was inside me, giving me pleasure I never imagined possible. I had another orgasm and as I did so, I felt Nick’s muscles tighten and then felt a warm flow of his cum as it filled my virgin pussy. I couldn’t believe my intense feelings just became more intense as we both climaxed together.

I was in love. I was shaking and quivering with Nick’s hard penis inside me. He didn’t stop after his orgasm. He continued sliding in and out of my insatiable pussy. I could feel his sperm leaking out and running down the crack of my bum. 15 minutes earlier and this would have grossed me out. At this point, it made me hotter and I wanted more. And I got more. Two more times Nicky came inside me, filling me up with his love.

He collapsed on me, panting and shaking. We were sweating and a total mess. I’ve never seen him more handsome than while lying on top of me, sweat pouring off his face and dripping on me, his throbbing penis losing it’s hardness and his sweet cum inside me. I knew this is the man that would always be there for me and I would always know I made the right choice.

After several minutes of catching our breath, kissing and groping, Nick rolled off and cuddled up behind me. He rubbed my entire body and fondled my breasts. We fell into a very sweet sleep.

I woke up feeling his hardness in my butt crack. He was lightly humping me but I could tell he was still asleep. I started rocking back, enjoying his hardness and the moans that were softly emanating from his mouth. I rocked his penis for about five minutes before I felt him stir. He reached out and began stroking my back. As soon as he moved, I rolled over on top of him, grabbed his shaft and guided it in to my hungry pussy. I wanted more of his manly cum in me and I was going to get it.

I was awakened by her soft moaning sounds and by the feeling of her bum rubbing against my now hard again penis. She rolled on top of me and placed my love at her entrance, slipped my rock hard penis inside herself and eased herself down to engulf my entire shaft. We made sweet love again. I enjoyed her sitting on me. I held her hips giving me leverage to pull her down harder, rubbing her clit on my pelvic bone. She sat up giving me a view and access to her perfect small titties. I loved playing with them as she rode my hardness slowly, up and down, forward and back, grinding on my pelvis to stimulate her clit.

We made love slower and more tender, without all the urgency of our first time. We took our time and enjoyed the sensations of making love as a beautiful married couple. Our union was blessed by God and we were blessed to have found each other.

After we climaxed again, Heather lay on top of me as I held her in my arms. She laid her head on my chest and we again fell into a deep, blissful sleep. This time, we slept the sleep of the contented. When we awakened in the morning, we made love again, and again. We didn’t leave the room that day. We loved. We explored. We cherished. We partook. We became one flesh, over and over again. We have been one flesh since.

I am the luckiest man in the world. Nearly 30 years later and we can still sleep wrapped around each other in blissful contentment. I am blessed beyond measure that I married my best friend, my lover, and my eternal companion.