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My mom became a high class prostitute part-2

hi guys this Arjun back with the stories about My mom became a high class prostitute . This is the continuation from part1 .

Mom was holding the strangers cock and asking ” AOGE KYA”. THEY used to ask mom’s rate and due to the huge amount used to walk away.

Then a sumo car with 6 big men stopped in front of mom. All the men got down and came towards mom and one of the men asked mom,” tere chooth ko chohdne ke liye kya rate hai RANDI? what is the rate to fuck you prostitute? and smacked on mom’s ass. Mom told them to speak about her rate to Ashok as she was just the prostitute and Ashok took care of the money business. While one of them went to Ashok to pay mom’s rate the other guys were talking with mom putting their hands in between her ass and 2 men squeezed her boobs on road side. They asked mom who I was and she said that I’m her son. They paid mom’s rate and told Ashok that they would be bringing mom only tomorrow since they were taking here out of the city.

Since mom requested them to take me they made me sit in the rear end of the car. They carried mom and made her sit in the middle portion of the car and drove. On the way they removed mom’s blouse and started sucking her pink nipples mom started rubbing on their hair and the guy who was sitting at the back with me pulled mom’s face back and started licking her tongue and kissing her.

Then the senior most man told them not to fuck mom in the car and fuck her in the farm house. They stopped and spoke with mom on the way. After driving for 2 hours we reached the farm land.

We got down from the car and walked towards the farm land. Those men never returned mom’s blouse and made her walk exposing her boobs. Once in the farm land, it had 2 tent, 1 to fuck mom and the other for them to drink. But they bought a mat and spread it on the mud. They gave me chips and asked me to sit on the chair put out. Mom and all the 6 men became nude. They smacked mom’s ass and squeezed her boobs and nipple and started to gang bang mom. They made mom bend in doggy style, while 2 men licked her pussy and asshole, mom was giving blow job to another guy. 3 men were sitting and drinking and watching mom get fucked.

Then mom sucked all the 3 men’s cock to make it wet. Now one of the men slept and made mom face towards him he pushed his cock into mom’s pussy and held her around her hip. Another guy who was behind mom pushed his cock into her asshole and held her around her boobs. The 3rd man came to her face and put his cock into mom’s mouth for her to suck it. They started stroking mom’s pussy, asshole and her mouth. Even I became horny looking at mom getting fucked. They were shouting while fucking mom. Chohdo chodho!!! aur zor se chodho ye randi ka bhosda bana do. Mom was moaning mmmmmmm!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! Aaaaahhhhhhh!!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! because the cock was in her mouth. Now they changed the position and the man who was pumping her pussy, drilled her hole. And the man who was fucking her hole, sucked and squeezed her big milky boobs. The man who’s cock mom was sucking pumped her pussy now.

Now mom’s mouth was free. They increased the speed of fucking her. Mom moaned,” uuuuuuummm!!!! Uuuuuuuuuuuummm!!!! Uuuuuuuuiiiiiii!!!! Mader chodh! Bahen chodh!!!! Chodh mere ko!!! Chodh!!! Chodh!! Mere chooth me tere lund ko aur zor se dal!!!!! Mader chodh chd na zor se!!!! mom kept on moaning until they fucked her, by hearing this they increased the speed and kept changing position. Then all of them cummed in mom’s mouth and said “ randi ye le isko piyo”. Mom drank their cum and they requested her to pee on their faces and mom did so.

Now it was the chance of the rest 3 men to fuck my Prostitute BHANU mommy. They banged mom to the core. I was watching them fuck mom, then one of the man called me near mom and asked me to suck her big milky boobs. Since mom’s boobs had milk I started sucking it, the men were fucking mom so mom was shaking and so was I. they all started laughing watching me suck her boobs and got a lot of fun in doing so. Then they all took mom to one of the tent and asked me to sleep in the other. Then all the 6 men started to fuck her in the tent. They fucked her till night 2 O’ clock and all slept nude in that tent. I just peeped inside to see what they were doing but all were sleeping. Then I slept and woke up the next day and got ready.

Mom and those men to got ready eat breakfast. Generally mom at least once a day breast feeds me so after breakfast made me suck her boobs. All those men laughed and asked mom why she breast fed me even at the age of 10. So mom said that even if I grow old, every day I will have to suck her boobs. Then after finishing their business talk evening 5pm they started to bang mom once again. But this time all the 6 men fucked mom at once. Mom was gang banged in different position and as usual I sat and watched her get fucked. They fucked mom till 10 in the night. The rate they had paid for mom was finished by this time.

They all thanked mom for co-operating and being kind with them, while fucking her. They said that she was the best prostitute that they have ever fucked and from next time onwards they will book only mom for sex.

They also said that the other prostitute which Ashok used to send were not so co operative or were rude. They tipped mom and told her to reach the city as they were going on business to some other place. We went to the high way and waited for vehicles for drop. Mom showed hand and a lorry stopped, by the way mom was dressed they came to know that mom is a prostitute. The lorry driver and cleaner of the lorry came near mom and

Driver: tum randi ho?
Mom: ha, aoge kya?
Driver : tere rate kya?

Since Ashok was not available and we had to reach home mom quoted some amount which I’m not sure of but was very high. So the driver and cleaner spoke to each other saying they, did not want not miss a prostitute like her and gave her the cash. We all got into the lorry, when the driver was searching for a spot to stop his lorry and fuck mom. The cleaner was squeezing mom’s boobs and licking mom’s shoulder.

Then the lorry stopped at a deserted spot. Then removed their clothes quickly and even mom. They wore condom. While one licked mom’s pussy, the driver was kissing and biting mom’s lips. they double penetrated mom at the same time. Mom was now moaning uuuuuiiiii!! Uuuuuuuiiiiiiii uuuuuummmmm uuuuuuuummmmmm uuuuuuuuuufffffffffff. Mom, driver and cleaner were all sweating while fucking. Then they got down nude from the lorry and pulled mom by her hair and threw her on the ground. I got scared,
mom looked at me and said, “uncle log mere sath khel raha hai beta daro math!!!

Then they fucked mom in doggy style and various positions. They asked mom to suck my cock mom refused. But when they told her they would give her extra money. So mom removed my pant and started sucking my cock. I felt very horny and wanted to fuck mom. But those men getting horny pumped mom’s pussy and drilled her hole. They punished her, slapped on her boobs, smacked her ass and bit her cheeks then they finished fucking her. We drove to the city and were dropped near our home. We came to home and slept, as usual I sucked mom’s boobs and slept. After that day by day mom’s rate increased, I got everything I wanted and mom became the best, hottest and the busiest prostitute in that area.

Mom was proud to have a son like me who understood her and helped her. I was happy to have a prostitute mom like BHANU,