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New Girlfriend

But it turns out no introduction is necessary. Jane sparkles with sexual energy from across the room. Plus, she’s really tall. Apparently she recognizes me as well, perhaps because I am clearly Stefan’s date. “You must be Tomi.” She grins wryly as her eyes rake over my earth-mother curves, such a stark contrast to her lean lankiness. “You’re familiar with Stefan’s photographs, right?” To my delight, she asks me to give her a guided tour.
The show, titled “Hidden in Plain Sight,” is Stefan’s first solo exhibit in the city. In my favorite piece a model sits on a bench in a busy park reading a book. At first you notice the vivid green of the grass in sharp contrast to her pink hair and neon blue tights. Only upon a closer look do your eyes wander up under her mini-skirt to a strategic rip in her crotch that reveals her swollen red clit. Noticing is a shock.
However Jane lingers in front of a different photo where a bare-bottomed sales clerk is getting spanked in an empty grocery aisle next to an overturned mop bucket. The camera reveals an unwary customer approaching the scene. “You like this one, don’t you?” Jane leans over and whispers to me. Before I can answer she grabs my ass with one hand, my hair with the other, kisses me hard, then strides away.
I am rooted in place, trying to regain my equilibrium, but I don’t really have time to recover before I am engulfed in friends and acquaintances, a seemingly endless tide of Stefan’s well-wishers that doesn’t abate until the wine and cheese have nearly run out. Only then do I notice Jane at Stefan’s side. Although he looks a bit tired, he perks up when I approach. “Let’s all go back to my place,” he suggests.
“You told her I like to be spanked, didn’t you?” I demand when we are alone in the car. “I might have mentioned it . . . You’re not angry are you?” Of course I’m not. He knows how excited I am.
As soon as Stefan ushers us into his loft, Jane starts bossing him around. “Set up your lights around the leather couch. Get out all the camera equipment you’ll need. Oh, and strip from the waist down.” The evening is going to be photographed? I slip away to freshen up while I have the chance.
I come back to find Jane sitting in the middle of the long couch. She simply points to her lap and, without a word, I lay over it, offering up my wide jean-clad bottom. The sting of her slaps through the denim feels so good. I can hear Stefan clicking away, which only adds to my excitement. Soon she orders me to stand up and pull off my pants so she can spank me over my full-cut cotton panties for a while.
She pulls up one side of my briefs, then the other, revealing red cheeks. She pulls my panties down, spanks me bare, pulls them back up again, then takes them all the way off. As my ass heats up, I moan and squirm and kick my feet. Stefan’s camera follows it all, focusing on her stern face, my euphoric expressions, her hand, my ass, the long leather couch holding us both. She spreads my thighs wide, pushing one plump leg off the couch. “See how wet your girlfriend is,” she comments to Stefan who zeros in for a close-up. She fingers me until I come.
“Thank you,” I whisper. I sit up next to her and give her a long tongue kiss. “So glad you enjoyed that,” she smirks. She shoves her sticky fingers into my mouth. “Take off the rest of your clothes. Show me your big titties.” She pets and squeezes, pinches and slaps my breasts. “I’ll bet your boyfriend likes playing with these.” Stefan moans.
For the first time I get a good look at him, holding the camera, his erection at full mast. Jane notices too, strides over, grabs his cock hard. I can tell by the way his breath catches in his throat that Stefan barely stops himself from coming. “We need to do something about this,” Jane murmurs. “Tomi! Kneel here!” A fistful of my hair in hand, she shoves my mouth onto his thick cock, fucking my face with his dick.
“Look up! Look at the camera!” she commands. Stefan clicks away for as long as he can, but soon shudders overtake him, and he releases his orgasm down my throat. Jane is not pleased. She wanted to watch. She wanted him to come on my face. She wanted more pictures. Ready to get even, she demands he fetch her “little black bag.” I watch fascinated as Jane hikes her mini-skirt up over her bare pussy, steps into the harness, and lubes up her strap-on. Her long, lean legs seem to go on for miles, and I can see her tight nipples peeking out over the top of her leather bustier. Her stormy face is beautiful.
Jane snaps her fingers, and Stefan leans forward over the table. She snaps her fingers a second time, and he reaches back and meekly spreads his ass cheeks. I watch agape. I have never seen him submit like this before. Looking as his face I can see he is humiliated. This was not in his script for tonight. He’s ready for Jane to go home. And yet, he is unwilling to refuse her.
To Stefan’s mortification, Jane moves a light over to the table and tells me to pick up the camera. “No!” Stefan’s mumbles. Jane ignores him, proceeding to work the head of her dildo into his tight asshole. I record every slow inch of the entry, making sure to catch a few shots of Stefan’s bright red face and Jane’s angry mouth. Once Jane gets into stride, however, I set the camera down and crawl under the table to tease Stefan’s cock.
He’s completely hard again, so his protests can’t be entirely genuine. I take the tip of his erection into my wet mouth and let Jane’s thrusts push him in and out. “You’d better not come yet!” she orders, but he does anyway. Clearly Stefan has more training ahead of him. For now, his only punishment is to kneel in front of her and suck her clit into a crashing orgasm while I take more pictures.
When he shows Jane out, Stefan receives instructions he would really rather I didn’t overhear. “I want you to wear the butt plug for an hour day at least three times a week. Email me both before and after, reporting in each time. I’ll have some other homework for you later.” She kisses him long and hard then waves to me. “Goodbye Tomi! It was fun. Hope to see you again