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Planning to get Pregnant

As I sat across the table from my wife, I could tell in her eyes what she desired.  We sipped our wine and ate our meals full of excitement for what the night had in store.  We hadn’t looked this lustfully at each other since college.

We have three kids from two pregnancies twins for 2 and 3 and both pregnancies were happy surprises.  Jen wanted one more—to even things out I suppose—and I had always been hesitant due to job uncertainty, money, etc.

As things began to fall into place for me professionally, I began to see Jen in a different light.  She was a great mother, a better wife and a beautiful woman—dark brown eyes with a voluptuous body—a pair of DDs which looked great in her low-cut dress.  I gave in and told her that I would start trying for #4.

We left the restaurant and walked arm and arm to a dance club where we could further seduce each other.  The music was good and as we started dancing close, I started to get hard.  Jen noticed and knew it was only a matter of time before we went back to the hotel.  We kissed passionately…she moved away for a brief time and then whispered in my ear, “I want your baby.”

We exited the club and went back to the swank downtown hotel where we had sprung for a penthouse.  I made sure we had rose petals on the bed.

As we entered the elevator, we made out in a lustful way.  The long ride up felt too short as we stepped out onto the floor and walked arm in arm to our room.

Jen went into the room first and I followed.  She turned around and began kissing me more.  We began stripping our clothes off.  When we were completely naked I picked Jen up and put her on the bed.  Feeling the lust that an animal must feel, I said, “I’m planting my seed in you tonight.”  Jen smiled willingly as I mounted her.

The tip of my cock penetrated her tight pussy—she moaned.  I pushed softly until I was completely engorged in her.  We kissed passionately for a minute and then I started pumping.  Soon, Jen was meeting my thrusts with her own as we were fucking in perfect harmony.  We both had a good amount of stamina and were able to fuck for a long time—but this was different, we hadn’t had this rhythm ever in our 12 year relationship.

Our bodies glistened with sweat as we continued making eye contact.  Thrust for thrust…all while looking into each other’s  eyes.  The motion got the best of us as we started tearing up.

“Jen,” I panted, “I love you so much.”

“Rob,” she responded “I want this baby with you.”

Her body quivered as she began to climax.  Her pussy tightening around my organ.  I continued to pump.  My balls tightened up and I shot my wad deep into my bride.

Her pussy continued to squeeze my man juice into her womb.  We lay there spent but happy—halfway hoping that maybe we weren’t pregnant and had to have another night like this again soon.