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All these days, Riya had nothing to worry about, it seemed. There was no news from her ex boyfriend and it was apparent that she and her lawyers had framed the charges against him rather well. The last that she heard about him was that he had been taken to the police lock up and that he had been released on bail, pending investigation. Everyone reassured her that she would not face any harassment, as her case was watertight.

However, every once in a while she found herself thinking about Vishal and the good times that she had shared with him. She would begin to feel guilty, but then she drove those thoughts away. While she did so, she couldn’t explain the thumping of her heart, or the constriction in her throat, and a small voice, which kept telling her of dark days ahead. Try as hard as she might, she couldn’t dismiss those thoughts entirely and felt very helpless as she realised that she couldn’t retract the steps that she had taken. The case could not be withdrawn and would go all the way.

And now all of a sudden she had been called to the police station for interrogation. That did not feel right. Especially in this small, dingy room lit by a dim light where she sat across a table from the Investigating Officer and a stranger in civilian clothes at 7:30 p.m.

“Madam, the case is not as strong as we thought it was. The accused and his lawyers are in a position to submit lot’s of evidence to prove that you had a long-term relationship with him. You did not disclose this fact to us in your FIR and now it will go against you.” As he said this, the light went out leaving the room in total darkness that was stifling.

An unknown fear gripped Riya and her throat went dry, her heart was thumping so loud, that she was sure that the officers in the room could hear it. There was total silence in the room, though she was aware of the presence of the Investigating Officer and the silent stranger with the blue T-shirt. She tried to reassure herself that they were cops and that she was in a cop station where she was secure, but all her senses warned her of danger, she couldn’t see anything, but she could smell it, she could feel it and she could taste fear in her mouth.

In the pitch-black darkness that almost stopped her from breathing, Riya heard the sound of chairs being moved and then footsteps as they approached her, and came to a halt, somewhere behind her chair. She heard the voice of the IO, “Madam please remain seated and don’t try to move. We will go look for candles.” Instinctively she tensed for what was about to follow, but nothing happened excepting a deafening silence. As she gripped the armrests of the chair, she felt that her palms were wet, and that suddenly she knew that something unexpected was about to happen to her, something not entirely pleasant. It seemed like an eternity when she felt breathing very close to her ears, and before she could move; a pair of hands gripped her shoulders from either side and prevented her from leaving the chair. An unknown voice whispered into her ears, “Madam, please remember that you are in a police station where no one can harm you. Don’t be afraid, we are here to help you, and you must co operate with us, otherwise this case will go against you. Please remember that you have to help the police with their investigations and keep them happy.” This voice sent a chill down her spine as Riya began to realise the implications of this reassurance.

‘Keep them happy….’ At what cost? she wondered. She realised that her mouth was dry and she couldn’t talk let alone scream when the fingers touched her and started to stroke her face and neck. The hands were still clamped on her shoulders and she realised that there was more than one person touching her. The hands reached the base of her neck and rose up to cup her cheeks, as she felt hot breath on her face. Suddenly a mouth clamped on her lips and a probing tongue tried to make it’s way into her mouth. As the tongue forced it’s way in and mated with hers, Riya was paralysed with fear.

The hands were now touching the neckline of her blouse and feeling the swell of her soft breasts scooped up by her bra. The hand then started to move over the cups of her blouse as it gently felt her breasts through the garment. The other pair of hands on her shoulder was still there but now the grip was not so hard. She felt a hand dive into her blouse; the fingers worked themselves into her bra, hesitate for a moment; and then cupped her left breast. The hand held her entire breast and squeezed first gently and then a little harder.

It found her nipple, which was held between two fingers and massaged to semi hardness. Riya’s nipples were very sensitive and she felt a tremor run through her as the man withdrew his hand, fumbled, and then began unbuttoning her blouse. As all the buttons became undone, the man felt around and removed the ends of the blouse from her breasts and her bra straps were slid off her shoulders. All activity stopped for a moment; and Riya aware of her nudity even in the pitch black darkness, tried to lift her arms to cover her heaving chest.

As if on cue, the vice like hands relinquished her shoulders and moved down to cup both her breasts and began to knead them softly. As she felt the callused hands rub against her nipples, they involuntarily began to stiffen. The man felt them and began to roll them between his fingers like marbles. This caused them to grow harder, till they were stiff and elongated. Riya was in a trance, and realised that her breathing had quickened. Her body was washed in sweat and the musky aroma of her perspiration and perfume filled the room. She tried to scream but no voice would come out.

Suddenly her hair was held in a grip and a man started kissing her face and neck. He found her mouth and tried to kiss her lips but she turned her face away. The grip on her hair tightened and her face was forced back as his mouth came down hard on hers and his tongue forced her lips apart and moved into her mouth. As he sucked on her lips, his hands squeezed her breasts and pinched her hard nipples. The tongue traced a wet line from her mouth down her neck, to her breasts. It licked her breasts and flicked around her nipples, causing Riya to shudder. She shamelessly realised that she wanted her nipples to be sucked, that she was crying out for release. She also realised that there was a wet, clammy, familiar feeling between her thighs and that her pussy was beginning to get wet.

It was as if the men could read her thoughts, as one began to suck up her breasts and pay attention to her aching nipples. As her nipples were sucked into his warm mouth, Riya gave a short gasp, which they heard. The man stepped up his attentions and began to suck her nipples in turn, while his hands freely roamed all over her breasts and stomach. So stimulating was his mouth that Riya did not hear the sound of a zipper being unzipped in the darkness. As she was lost in her sensations, she also did not realise that she was involu
ntarily squeezing her thighs together to provide some relief for her wet, swollen pussy. Riya felt a hand take her right arm and guide her palm onto something warm and throbbing. As she touched it, she instinctively knew that she was about to hold a dick. She tried to take her hand away, but he forced her to hold it and began moving her palm all over it. As it hardened, Riya felt the heat being generated and could also smell it. She realised that it was big and getting even bigger. It was also wet and every time she passed the head, it became even slimier.

The chair was uncomfortable and Riya was half reclining on it. Her ass was almost off the seat and her head was propped painfully against the backrest. She felt her skirt being lifted upto her waist, and tried to resist.

As she struggled with the man, she heard him say, “Madam Riya, we told you to co operate with us and that we will not hurt you. If you do not do as we say, we will not be responsible for our actions.” To her horror she realised that it was the voice of the Investigating Officer! As she stopped struggling, he bared her thighs and spread them apart. She felt his hands stroking and rubbing her soft thighs and all the time moving closer and closer to her wet, throbbing, panty clad pussy. The dick in her hand was rock hard by now and the heat emanating from it scalded her palm. It smelt musky, and by now she was massaging the entire length of the wet phallus on her own. The owner of this phallus was stroking her hair and once in a while she would hear a stifled groan somewhere in the darkness.

Suddenly, he removed her hand and she felt the glans rub against her cheek, glancing across her lips. As he forced her to turn her face, she realised that he was going to make her suck his cock. She tried to struggle, though in vain, as he held her hair tight and pulled it hard causing her to cry in agony. As she opened her mouth to scream, he shoved the monster into her mouth and held her head down.

While this was happening, the I.O. had started stroking her pussy through her wet panties. His fingers traced the furrow of her lips and his thumb exerted pressure on her throbbing clit. Soon, he pushed the panties aside and Riya felt a finger slide into her pussy. As she adjusted to the length of hard meat in her mouth, the stranger clutched her hair and began to move her head to and fro, causing her to perform an involuntary blowjob on his dick.

Riya felt hot breath on her pussy, as the IO pushed in a second finger into her pussy and began to lick and suck on her clit. Riya was on the verge of losing all control and she knew it. The IO was sitting between her legs and his hands had travelled underneath her body and were squeezing her ass cheeks as his mouth and fingers churned her helpless pussy into a vortex of desire. He stopped for a moment and completely removed her panties, peeling them down her legs. Then he sat down again and lifted her ass off the chair and made her stand up. Riya had to relinquish her mouth hold on the stranger’s cock and a grunt of disapproval was heard. Then she heard them whispering something and a hand came and began to unbutton her long skirt. Her blouse was removed, her bra was unsnapped and pulled away from her. Her skirt fell at her feet in a heap. She became aware of her complete nudity even in the pitch darkness and lifted her hands to her breasts to cover them. She was gently pushed backwards in the darkness and as she moved she felt the edge of the table on her ass, and she was pushed onto it by the two men. By now Riya was their plaything and did not resist anything. Her body was on fire and her pussy was sloppy wet from the attention it had received from the IO.

In her new position, Riya was much more comfortable as she lay on the table with her legs dangling over one edge and her head close to the opposite edge. As both men adjusted to this new position, Riya felt their hands wandering over her body, while they felt and groped to ascertain which part of her anatomy was where! Soon she felt her face being brushed by a cock, and fingers stroking her pussy once again. The cock that brushed against her lips was flaccid and she understood that the IO and the stranger had exchanged places. As she opened her mouth to suck the new member, she felt her thighs being parted and something hard and solid nudging her pussy lips wide open as it began to enter her depths.

Riya realised that the monster cock that she had been sucking for so long was finally fucking her. The IO was slow as he stroked his way into her pussy; he would nudge it in a little bit at a time. As it traveled, it grew even bigger and stretched her pussy lips wide, till it hit something deep inside her that caused her to moan out loud. She gained some satisfaction at the realisation that she had been able to accommodate all of it and savoured the feeling as it throbbed inside her. The IO withdrew his cock all the way till only the head nestled between her lips and then without warning rammed it back all the way in one brutal thrust.

Riya cried out loud as the glans tore her apart again, this time seeming even bigger. The stranger was fucking her mouth and his hands were mauling her tits. He bent down over her as he sucked her taut nipples and gently nipped them with his teeth. Riya had wrapped her legs around the IO’s waist and was pulling his phallus in deeper, she felt a flood breaking deep inside her and knew that she was about to come. She grabbed the IO by his hair and pulled his face down as she kissed him hungrily sensing her approaching orgasm. The IO was surprised at her move and then felt her hips bucking as she came in a flood, mouthing, “Oh my God, Oh my God….”

Repeatedly she shoved her hips upward to meet his strokes, as her own orgasm left her spent. The IO increased the tempo of his strokes and she felt the monster begin to twitch inside her. She knew that he was about to come and at the same time her orgasm was building up again. As he hammered away at her helpless pussy, each stroke shook Riya and made her suck on the stranger’s cock even harder. With a mighty groan, the IO discharged inside her and Riya felt his hot come spurt and wash her pussy, igniting her fire once again. She raked his back with her nails and pulled in his hips to keep his cock inside her as long as possible.

It had begun to grow limp, but the last few strokes managed to trigger of her second orgasm as Riya moaned in the darkness. The IO withdrew and so did the stranger from her mouth. He groped about in the darkness till he found her thighs and spread them even wider. He positioned his cock and rammed it into her pussy without much ado.

He wasn’t wasting any time as he pinned her hands to her sides and began a barrage of thrusts. While his cock wasn’t as long as the previous one, it certainly was thicker and Riya felt her cunt being stretched. The violent tempo of his strokes took her by surprise, as he battered her pussy mercilessly. By now there was so much of juice inside her that every stroke was announced by a vulgar squishy sound emanating from her cunt. Th
e stranger knew no finesse and was thoroughly intent on raping her. As he fucked her, he filled his hands with her tits that he proceeded to squeeze like rubber balls. Inspite of the pain that he was causing her, Riya felt herself responding and a steady stream of moans could be heard from her that reverberated in the dark room.

“Fuck you bitch, you are one horny slut. God your pussy is so juicy, I could keep fucking it the whole day,” the stranger grunted.

Riya heard it and it fired her up. She surprised herself more than her tormentors by moaning, “Oh fuck me harder, please fuck me. Don’t stop, fuck me, fuck me.” She heard the IO somewhere in the dark, “Fuck this bitch is really hot, he was right!”

She wondered who was ‘HE’? Were they talking about her ex boyfriend? The one that she had tried to frame? She didn’t have much time to reflect as her body began to shudder and she felt the volcano begin to erupt again. The stranger felt it too and she heard him say between gasps, “Fucking bitch is about to come again, can you believe it?” His strokes began to get deeper and slower and his pubes brushed her swollen clit and turned on Riya’s tap yet again.

“OOWOOO, Oh God that feels so good,” she moaned as she lifted her hips off the table to meet his strokes. The stranger had reached his orgasm and withdrew his cock from her pussy, Riya tried to stop him, but he was out in a flash and she felt the hot come spatter on her tits as he rubbed the goo all over them. He forced it into her mouth and made her to suck off the remaining spunk from his glans. He moved away swiftly leaving Riya wanting more and at the same time feeling her aching pussy begin to contract to normalcy.

As Riya lay spent in the darkness, trying to catch her breath, she heard them laughing. “She really is a whore as he said, do we need any more evidence?” the I.O. was saying. She didn’t hear the reply; neither did she realise the implication of the remark, till she felt steel on her wrists in the inky black darkness. The sharp click of the handcuffs sounded deafening in the dead silence of the room.