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Unwanted Love Making On Road

This Pakistani Sex Story is based on real life experience.This happened in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. Only the names and major details are changed in order to keep her identity a secret. The story is narrated in her own voice. This elite class women of Pakistan forced to enjoy sex during her journey. Let’s explain it in her words.I’m a well-educated Pakistani married woman. At 38 years of age, I’m happily married and mother of 2. By profession, I’m a doctor. I belong to a suburb town of Islamabad named Rawat. The region I belong to be is very famous for producing the best Army officers, and it caters for a huge chunk of Pakistani Army, both at officer or soldier level. So, my parents found a match for me in the shape of an Army officer. Very loving person, my husband Shehzad is at the rank of Lt. Colonel,provided me a good family.
My husband is from a smaller nearby town called Kallar. Even from my very early teens I was a hot girl. I remember I used to touch myself at all the wrong places even before I started menstruation. Thanks to an elder cousin of mine, she was hot girl and introduced me to sex in order to satisfy her lesbian desire. At 13 I knew all about sex, fingering, sucking, licking etc. But having a very conservative, traditional and rural background I knew I had to be content with my fingers or just some girl’s fingers till I get married. And frankly speaking, I was not that much hot to defy the social, religious and traditional norms of Pakistani sex. And the prestige of parents and family had always been my prime consideration for the term insurance of respect.
When I went to medical college, I got plenty of Job opportunities to meet hot men, but having known my limitations I never opted for a full sexual intercourse. Although there were couple of hot men who fingered me or sucked my breasts as well as got a blow-job/hand job from me, but mostly I was content with a female roommate of mine.The nude girls are liked in Pakistan, Dating is considered a part of life.The elite women sex is considered amazing in elite class. wife sex is popular, and i was also watching these habits in our Elite class community .
We could enjoy lesbian sex and it was only after getting an orgasm that we could concentrate properly on study. Grades were, however, not compromised and we did pretty well in our medical study. When I got married to Shehzad, all my wishes came true. He was caring, loving, well endowed and hot as hell. In the privacy of our room or even in whole house when the batman was not around my hubby preferred me to spend most of the time totally nude. I loved the attention he used to give to my naked body. Such was our level of hotness that for months we continued with daily sex. Neither of us was short of stamina which was a clear satisfied sex.
 It was in 2002 that Pakistani Army had to engage them in the war against terror. My husband was posted to a far of area at the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Till that day my husband had managed to take me to every station where he was posted. It was the first time that he could not take me with him. It was no easy fight. As the situation worsened and the little fights turned to a full scale war, my husband’s tenure was extended. And for the first time in my matrimonial life, I was away from my loving husband….And consequentially away from my regular supply of high intensity fucking sessions. I was still young and ripe by then and my sexual desires had not subsided as yet. I had to fall back to my old routine of fingering in my bed, but my little fingers were no way near the substitute of my hubby’s 8” long tool which was more than reasonable in girth as well. But a loyal Pakistani wife that I was, I never even thought about cheating my husband in order to fulfill my sexual desires.
But then one day, something happened which forced me to enjoy sex with someone else other than my husband. And I mean it, I was FORCED…!!! It was the month of November. December was on the verge. The weather was romantically cool and the autumn had given a very depressing beauty to the awesome landscape of Islamabad. As the dusk used to fall, the pale sun used to set and I used to have a long walk on dry leaves, it was difficult to control the physical urges. I was very good looking, sexy and well groomed. While having a walk on the walk track on the sides of the elegant Constitutional Avenue, I used to come across males of all age groups…Teen agers, young, mature and old ones.
Almost all of them were belonging to the elite class. They were either very highly placed bureaucrats, very successful businessmen or their sons. Always clad in expensive branded sports attires, having groomed themselves with the most seductive perfumes, they were always neat, clean and tidy. Everyone likes attention and I was no exception. So having a feeling of plenty of cool eyes ogling at my curves was a very good feeling. But it was depressing as well coz I knew it was very easy for me to pick any one among them and had a pretty satisfying night full of powerful fuck session. But it was a difficult decision for me to cheat my loving hubby.
On every such occasion I used to have a very wet pussy and panty on coming back home. Wetness was not only in my pussy, it was in my eyes as well. I was missing my husband and it was so easy to shed a tear or two while missing him. It was the dying days of November when my Husband’s mother fell ill and I had to go and see her in the village “Kallar”. Having spent the whole day there I decided to come back to my house in Islamabad. I had an almost new Honda City car and I could bank on it. But it was a mistake made by me. I left my in-laws home at about 8:00 at night. I had to pass through a relatively less busy off-road but it was not a long journey. I just had to drive half an hour to reach the main road. But almost in the middle my car broke down. I later came to know it was a very minor problem of a Fuse but being a lady I knew little about machines and latest model cars.
The mobile was not showing any signal. Being the winter season, the road was pretty much deserted, at least much more than my expectations. I waited for few minutes but on a pitch dark night my nerves didn’t last long and I was soon pretty scared. All I could do was to wait for some help, but you know on local routes all the public transport call it a day before sunset. After 20 long minutes I saw the lights of some vehicle from the back view mirror. I decided to ask for a lift. As the vehicle came closer I noticed that it was not a car, rather a powerful Jeep. I switched on my double-indicator and got of my car. I was scared because I was about to ask for help from total strangers but I was not left with any option.
As the jeep stopped I noticed it was a Land Cruiser. Someone opened the xnxx com and I heard a very sophisticated and articulate sound of a young boy who was certainly in his late teens. He spoke in oxford style English which gave me quite a lot of satisfaction. I was with someone who was well educated and supposedly a decent and secure help.After getting drivers insurance,To cut the details short, he not only offered me lift but offered to tow-chain my car with his powerful jeep. He asked me to sit in the jeep while his friend would drive my car. In the normal circumstances I would have not dared to let someone ride my car and sit in a stranger’s car but I had no other option. Once I opened the door of the jeep and stepped in the first thing which made me uncomfortable was the fact that there were 3 more guys in the jeep,sitting on back seats.
I didn’t know previously that they were there… But I could not back out now. It seemed discourteous to object to their presence and to apprehend that those educated and sophisticated/stylish youth would do something bad to me. But my sixth sense smelled a rat. Anyway in the cozy comfort of the Jeep I felt quite relaxed. But then the second thing which made me uncomfortable was the very seductively ogling eyes of the 3 guys. They were cute and educated young boys from some good families but they were not hiding their lustful eyes.
I was wearing a sexy dress, as I always wear, a tight fitting qameez. The qameez was quite short and the fitting had made my flat tummy, my big breasts and my fat ass quite prominent. I noticed the guys looking at my thighs which were surely looking sexy. I tried to hide it with my shirt but shirt was a bit too small to cover anything. So I forgot about it. Both the guys sitting near me had their thighs pressed against mine. They were having bear and listening to music in a loud volume. Then one of the guys subtly rested his sleeveless forearm on my thigh. The other one was pressing his shoulder hard into my right breast. My breasts are pretty sexy my breasts had taken quite a fondling from my husband. These are D-cups in fact. 36-D to be precise.
Although I was horny those days but it was still uncomfortable having the stranger rubbing against them. That guy was looking at me with a grin. We all know that jeeps are powerful but those are never comfortable. The same was the case was this jeep running on a small road which was not in good condition. Every slight little bump made my flesh jiggle. My breasts were getting pretty much vibration which was little embarrassing as I knew the guys were looking at my shaking breasts and thighs.. I suddenly felt quite exposed in my Sexy and tight fitting dress. But despite my hotness, I wished to reach back home safe and sound. The guy named Amir was rubbing and pressing my breast so much that I leaned forward to escape him. But as I leaned forward a bit my shirt’s neckline gapped open, and Amir was practically hanging his chin inside my top. I glanced down to see my white bra obviously exposed and also about 2” of my white creamy cleavage. I could see my breasts exposed and creating a very deep cleavage which could be any guys dream. For the first time I felt little hot, nasty and dirty in Pakistani sex stories.
But I fought the temptation to be exhibitionist and put my hand up over my chest in order to cover those. I was feeling my face get flushed. We traveled down the road slowly because of my car tow-chained behind. Throughout the journey I hardly saw another vehicle. Then the other guy on my right, named Kamran took the daring step and rested his hand on my knee. As soon as he did this, Amir put his left hand on my right thigh. My adrenaline was rushing as I pushed both of their forearms off of my thighs. But all they did was smirk, and put their hands on me again. They were certainly not as decent as I had thought them to be. My basic problem was that I knew lot of girls get killed in such circumstances. I didn’t know what their intention was. Frankly speaking “izzat” was not my issue.
I was not that much afraid of getting raped, rather I was afraid of getting killed. I was scared only because I didn’t know what will they do to me after doing anything nasty. Anyway I got the courage to say, “Don’t touch me.” But Amir reached at my tummy, placed his hand there and said in an articulate English, “madam, would you please honor us by giving us a time we’ll always remember?” and before I could reply, he said, “and we ensure you that nothing bad will happen to you. We know the value of a human life and will not harm you to the least degree.” I was stunned as I knew what they were demanding. I didn’t even need a second to analyze the situation. It was already very clear. I didn’t have.001% chance of avoiding the situation. I was alone, in the middle of a deserted road, surrounded by 4, possibly 5 boys who were probably armed. I was in a jeep and no one could ever know my apathy and come to know what was happening to a lady in the jeep.
And Above all…….In those days, I was horny as hell!!! I had read a wonderful quotation which said, “If rape is inevitable then relax and enjoy”. I decided to follow this quote. I just needed a security of my life which I was sure those guys will give coz they were not criminals. They were just teens in heat. I knew that murder is committed with rape only in case where the girl knows the culprits, where she shows defiance against the act, when she threats of going to police etc. And I was sure if I could satisfy them that I’ll not go to the police and with my conduct I can tell them that I was actually enjoying it all then they’ll never feel threatened by me. So I replied to their demand in a “matter of fact” tone, “Well, I have no other option and I know you’ll not listen to me if I request you to leave me.
So I’ll do whatever you say until and unless you don’t harm me.” They were teenagers so they were more than happy. And then started the next 2 hours of my life where I enjoyed extra-marital sexual relationship without cheating on my husband. It was like a lottery for me. I could enjoy sex without any feeling of guilt on my part as it was not my choice. I had not been touched by any male for the past 6 months and now I was going to be used by 4 boys at a time. The time was little for all of us so I knew there’ll be no foreplay and we’ll go directly to the nasty stuff. My heart was pounding, my body was shivering with excitement and by mere anticipation of the times to come, and my pussy had become wet. I sat shivering as Kamran squeezed the inside up my thigh, and slid his hand up over my crotch. He was the strongest of the guys and his hands felt pretty much like my husband’s strong/rough hands on my body.
He rubbed my mound as Amir ran his right hand up my waist and reached inside my shirt. His hand slid inside my bra and massaged my breasts and pinched my nipple. The third one who was seated behind us started kissing my face, eyes and lips. In no time I was wet. The driving guy stopped by the side, went to his other fellow who was driving my car and accompanied him to the jeep. They adjusted the seats in order to create pretty reasonable room for all of us. Now I was lying vulnerable surrounded by 5 guys.
But their attitude was not molesting, rather it was friendly. The driving guy grabbed my knee and lifted it over his, which spread my legs. This afforded him more room to feel my pussy, and he slid his hand inside my shalwar and into my panties. I had removed my pubic hair few days ago so I had developed little hair on my pussy. He played with my pubic hair over my mound for a moment and then worked his middle finger inside my pussy. To their surprise it wasn’t dry, in fact it was quite lubricated. “Bitch is wet”, Men commented. The use of word “bitch” was against my self esteem. I was elder to them all. Without considering the situation that I was under their control I behaved like their school teacher and asked him politely to behave and not to hurt my ego by using such words. They were indeed from sophisticated families that the guy suddenly felt embarrassed and apologized.
Kamran grabbed my long thick black hair and made me kiss him, forcing his tongue inside my mouth. Then the driving guy unzipped his pants, and pulled his erect penis out. Kamran also exposed his hard penis, and they placed my hands on them and told me to stroke them. Kamran’s tool was pretty nice, but the other guys were certainly not anyway near to my husband. We continued playing each other. The feel of a fully erect male penis in my hand after 6 months was a very satisfying feeling. I loved it all. I was stroking their tool as Amir kissed me and fondled my breasts, and the driving guy fingered my pussy. The driving guy told me to “suck on it for a while.” I knew what he meant, and Kamran grabbed my neck and pushed my face down onto the driving guy’s lap. I pretended to be reluctant, I pretended to be a nice lady who was doing it without her will and faking reluctance I put my lips on his penis head, and slowly sank down on his shaft.
My butt was sticking up in the air slightly, and Amir grabbed the elastic waistband of my shalwar. He tugged it down my ass and thighs, along with my panties; I could feel my ass, my bare bottom, exposed to the boys. Amir reached between my legs and played with my pussy. He inserted several fingers in me, and squeezed and spanked my bare ass while I sucked the driving guy. The driving guy then attacked on my breasts. I was still in my Qameez and bra, but his hands were inside the shirt and bra and he fondled my naked breasts. I gained momentum while sucking his tool. No doubt, the taste of a full grown tool in my hands and mouths after a long time was a pleasing experience.
I used all the skills on his tool which I had learned through sucking my hubby’s dick during past several years. The driving guy was almost in heaven and had started fucking my mouth. With my experience, I could take his full tool in my mouth, to the point where my nose touched his tummy and my tongue could feel his hairy balls. Then suddenly he grunted and started shooting his sperm. I tasted his warm sperm shooting into my mouth. I choked and coughed on the first shot, and the rest of his cum shot up at my nose and chin. I wish he told me that he was coming; I would have not wasted a drop.
I’m not among those girls who hate sucking and who specifically hate the semen shooting into their mouths. I have drunk my hubby’s sperm on hundreds of occasions and believe me it’s a wonderful experience. Kamran pulled my cum-smeared face up off of the driving guy’s lap. Then he ordered me to sit on his lap facing him. I did so and sat on his bare lap, his pants being around his ankles. He lowered me down onto his erect penis, and I whimpered as his solid tool slid up into me. He was the cutest and smartest of all the guys and his dick was like a solid hot rod. Although I was practically being raped but it was way too satisfying for me. I loved it. It was just like a luxury rape.
After all how many girls get the luxury of being gang-raped in the cozy comfort of a Land Cruiser in which an expensive Hi-fi deck is playing the craziest of songs. How many girls get lucky to have the rapists who are a bunch of highly sophisticated guys which are foreign qualified? Girls always hate their rapists, especially because most of the rapists are usually fat, ugly, bald, mature bastards. But how could I hate the rapists who were dressed in branded casual trouser/shirts, who smelled great and who were neat, clean, tidy. It was a luxurious rape.
Kamran grabbed my hips and pulled me toward him, and thrust in and out of me. I decided to take charge and asked him to remove my qameez and bra too. He smiled and asked, “are you liking it?”. For me there was no point in denying it. I nodded and whispered into his ear, “Yes I like it because I have to. I’ve no other option”. He smiled again and pulled my top and bra off of my neck, and sucked on my big breasts as he grabbed my butt with his strong hands.
While Kamran was raping me, and was thrusting hard and furious, and I was whimpering and squealing as he penetrated deep and roughly into me. We were stuck together with little sweat, and my whole body was engulfed by the smell of “Armani” perfume from his body. I asked them to open the xnxx com a bit to let the fresh air come in. Despite the fact that I was raped and humiliated a bit, I inexplicably felt an orgasm coming on! I tried to concentrate hard to keep from having an orgasm because after an orgasm I’d still have to fuck 3 more guys and it could be bit difficult… I was crying and grunting with every quick thrust and was concentrating to avoid my orgasm when he finally shot his cum into my vagina. I collapsed onto his shoulder, panting. The driving guy then ordered me to sit on his lap, with my back to him, the steering wheel between my knees. He entered me and fucked me hard, as he reached around me and fondled my breasts and pulled on my nipples.
Soon Amir got back into the act, playing with my thighs and breasts. He rubbed his middle finger on my clitoris, just above the penis sliding in and out of my slit. I couldn’t hold back any more, and started thrashing, and, much to my shame and humiliation, had my own orgasm at the hands of my rapists. But it was a very satisfying experience and I loved it to the extreme. The driving guy made me get up and put one knee on the seat, the other one resting on the floor, facing Amir, with my butt up in the air. He kneeled behind me on the seat, and re-inserted himself in me, screwing me from behind on the seat. This left my face in the lap of the fourth guy who had come to take his turn.
The fucking from this point onwards was bit hurting because I had achieved my orgasm and was relatively dry. I complained so. The guys were definitely sophisticated that they considered my plea and somehow managed some lotion. The driving guy applied generous amount of lotion on his tool and also on and inside my vagina. The insertion afterwards was smooth and less irritating. The fourth guy was not thrusting his still-erect penis into my face. He grabbed my hair and made me suck on his penis; it was already glazed with his pre-cum juices.
The driving guy thrust hard into me from behind, and grabbed my hanging breasts, as I bobbed my head up and down on other guy’s penis. My stamina was not to last long. Because it was not like fucking my hubby where I could rest before the next shot. Here I was being fucked non-stop. Everything happening was out of my control, my vagina hurt, and my jaw muscles were sore. Yet for some reason I contracted my vaginal muscles around the driving guy’s penis, and sucked hard and quickly on other guy. I again felt myself working towards an orgasm, and this time I didn’t bother fighting it. I shuddered and moaned and had an intense orgasm shortly before the driving guy came in my vagina and Amir came in my mouth.
 I collapsed on the seat having feelings of shame in sex. After all it is only after getting an orgasm that guilty feelings arrive My fucking continued for the next two hours as well but they were considerate enough to let me regain my composure. During that time I was completely naked among them and they talked to me like good friends. They were also playing with my breasts, pussy and ass in order to make me hot again, which I became.
It was a very satisfying and wonderful sex experience of my life. I know I would have hated it had it happened during my husband’s stay at home. But while living away from my husband for 6,7 months, I badly needed some sex but didn’t want to cheat on my husband. Probably my loyalty won me favor in the eye of some generous angel who set up all this for me. It was a one night stand and the guys safely dropped me at my home. When they dropped me, I could only manage an insurance of  smile and say “Thanks”to my tough nature.